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Baby Photography FAQs


How long does the average newborn session take? How can I prepare?

At Shannon Leigh Studios, we have years of experience working with babies to create breathtaking images that families treasure. But no amount of experience or expertise is a match for the needs of a newborn! We encourage families to set aside two to three hours for the average shoot. This takes into consideration the average baby’s needs - from feeding and changing to the occasional coddling. You can help us by feeding your little one prior to the shoot (we find full babies like to sleep!) and dressing baby in an outfit that is easily removed. Also, because a lengthy shoot can be as hard on adults as children, we encourage you to bring a snack, book or anything else that will also make you comfortable.

My baby is sick/cranky/otherwise not feeling up to the shoot. What is your rescheduling policy?

At Shannon Leigh Studios, we understand that life happens. If, on the day of your shoot, you find your little one is ill or just isn’t at his or her best, please contact the studio as soon as possible so we can work together to reschedule.

I’m sick/cranky/otherwise not feeling up to the shoot. What now?

We recognize that many mommies-to-be aren’t feeling their most beautiful right now! At Shannon Leigh Studios, our expert maternity photographer has endless tools to highlight your natural beauty. However, if you just don’t feel up to the shoot, please contact the studio as soon as possible so we can work together to reschedule.

How far in advance should I schedule my shoot?
Babies are best photographed during the first 6 to 14 days of life - the best time to get all of those curly, sleepy shots we all love so much! For this reason, you’re encouraged to schedule your shoot well before the baby is born. Second trimester is best. This will also ensure you will have a spot with us in the studio during the 2 week window that is best for newborn pictures. We fill up quickly and have limited availability each month. 

How do you pose the baby? Will my baby be comfortable during the shoot?

Shannon Leigh Studios is proudly led by one of the best newborn photographers in Atlanta. Shannon Leigh has been recognized nationally for her special touch working with infants and most of them sleep through the shoot. Additionally, care will be taken to place your baby in natural positions that mimic the ways your little one may have laid in the womb. Extra attention goes toward keeping baby warm and toasty during the shoot too. When it’s all done, you leave with a happy baby and photos you will treasure.

Will I need to bring props?
Shannon Leigh Studios works with numerous Atlanta-area vendors to provide unique and adorable props that bring out your child’s personality. From cuddly hats to organic beds, wraps, baskets and more, we have countless pieces. However, if you have a toy, special blanket or any other small sentimental item, you can bring it. We’ll find a way to work it in!